Start talking to Bluesound with Amazon Alexa

Control Bluesound with the convenience of Amazon Alexa 
Coming January 15, 2019



Starting in January, control your Bluesound Player with just your voice. With support for Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, you can play popular songs from music services, select presets, adjust the volume, and even group Players together by simply asking Alexa.

Once you have downloaded the BluOS Voice Skill from the Amazon Alexa Library, and connected it to Bluesound’s line of premium speakers, stereos and home theater systems, you can use Alexa and an Echo enabled device to change or pause a song, play a preset programmed to your favorite radio station, or crank it up by saying, “Alexa, ask BluVoice to turn it up in the Kitchen.”

Bluesound’s voice experience is powered by BluVoice, the BluOS Voice Engine, and it will only get better with regular updates that include new services, features and functionality that makes interacting with your music cooler than ever before.

Here’s how to set up voice control with Alexa:
Step 1 Plug in your Bluesound Player and download the BluOS Controller app to connect the Player to your Wi-Fi. Download the most current version of BluOS if prompted.
Step 2 Download and launch the Amazon Alexa app. Follow the directions in the Alexa app to set up your Alexa-enabled device, i.e. the Echo or Echo Dot.
Step 3 In the Amazon Alexa app, search the skill library for BluOS and download the voice skill.
Step 4 With the skill added inside the Alexa app, launch the BluOS Controller app and open the left navigation drawer, look for Music Services and select Amazon Alexa.
Step 5 Add your Amazon credentials and set the default Player name (this will change your Player name in BluOS as well).
Step 6 You can now choose your default music service and set the room name by asking, “Alexa, ask BluVoice to set my default service to [music service]” followed by, “Alexa, ask BluVoice to set the default Player to the [room name]”.