Start talking to Bluesound with Amazon Alexa

Control Bluesound with the convenience of Amazon Alexa  Coming January 15, 2019     Starting in January, control your Bluesound Player with just your voice. With support for Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, you can play popular songs from music services,...

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BluOS 2.14

We are excited to announce the release of BluOS 2.14 today, Tuesday 21st November 2017. There is no question this is a significant new release.  Building on their dedication to continually improve the Bluesound experience, Bluesound have released BluOS 2.14 which adds...

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Bluesound Introduces Wireless Surround Sound System

PICKERING, CANADA, NOVEMBER 20, 2017 – Bluesound, a leading manufacturer of wireless multi-room music systems, today introduced the ability to create a PULSE 4.1 wireless home theater system with support for Dolby Digital® surround sound. Using the new BluOS® software...

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BluOS Now Compatible With URC Total Control® System

PICKERING, ON, CANADA, MAY 25, 2017 – Lenbrook, developers of the BluOS® music operating system and parent company of Bluesound and NAD Electronics, today announced their partnership with URC™ and introduced its first two-way BluOS control module for integration with...

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Introducing BlueOS 2.6.1

The biggest change is in the data base – we have changed to a SQL lite Data base which will allow us to do some exciting things down the road. The first big thing related to the data base is that we can now proclaim that we support over 200,000 tracks!  This is big...

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