Introducing BlueOS 2.6.1

The biggest change is in the data base – we have changed to a SQL lite Data base which will allow us to do some exciting things down the road.

The first big thing related to the data base is that we can now proclaim that we support over 200,000 tracks! 

This is big news for the Music lover with a large personal Music library. 

We continue to be the industry leader in this aspect.

In addition to the Data base improvements, we have also enhanced the player drawer so that you can access each players Audio settings directly from the drawer – you don’t have to open the Navigation Drawer and drill down through the settings to get to the Audio controls.

 Another feature that has been introduced in 2.6.1 is Grouped playback when syncing audio & video via input (analog, optical, Bluetooth).  You can now listen to your TV’s input with no lip sync delay!

 Some of the other features for this release include:

•             Addition of Microsoft Groove music service

•             New app widgets for iOS and Android devices

•             Enhanced user interface for the Apple Watch App

•             Multi-touch app interface for iOS devices including 3D Touch

•             Support for the PULSE SOUNDBAR and NAD’s BluOS-enabled C 368 and C 388 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifiers