BluOS 2.14

We are excited to announce the release of BluOS 2.14 today, Tuesday 21st November 2017. There is no question this is a significant new release.  Building on their dedication to continually improve the Bluesound experience, Bluesound have released BluOS 2.14 which adds further detail to our ever-increasing feature set.  We understand the importance of the customers’ experience as they use the BluOS App to control and discover their favourite music.

You will note continuous improvements in the interface, including special attention to guided wizards. We also understand that there are certain features can help you tell the multi-room, multi-Player story. Our first implementation of Dolby Surround sound is an exciting step forward that can expand the use of Bluesound in to home theatre.

Here are some of the highlights of BluOS 2.14 –

Dolby Surround Sound now available

Customers can now group a PULSE SOUNDBAR with two rear channel PULSE FLEX to be immersed in true, discrete, Dolby Surround. Using the Fixed Groups function in the Player Drawer, users will be guided through an easy-to-use setup wizard to quickly create a Home Theatre Setup to Dolby specifications. This feature is currently available for the PULSE SOUNDBAR and PULSE FLEX.

Deezer HiFi

As a longstanding Deezer partner, we’re happy to now have Deezer HiFi subscribers able to stream their favorite songs in lossless quality. Listen to over 35 million songs in 16-bit/44.1 kHz FLAC format – like listening to a CD, only easier. We’ve also included another general Deezer update: searching in Deezer will now include Playlists.

TIDAL integration improvements

We continue to strengthen the TIDAL integration in the BluOS App for a deeper, more powerful music browsing experience. Now you can access Related Artist Radio from the context menu of TIDAL tracks, playing songs from related artists to ensure the style or genre of upcoming tracks is going to be what you want to hear. You may even discover some new music! Further, we’ve added the Explicit filter tag for TIDAL content. You can now filter out anything marked Explicit if you desire, by selecting More Music -> TIDAL.

Continued Library Optimisation

We continue to work hard to make browsing local collections quicker, easier, and more enjoyable. Our enhanced music indexing engine means an even more responsive design as you access and browse your library.

To experience all the new features in BluOS 2.14, simply upgrade all your Players when prompted and upgrade your smartphone, tablet, and desktop apps accordingly.